Truly Matter

By instilling good habits, discouraging bad ones, and equipping children with life skills, nurturing mothers raise sons and daughters to live lives of meaning and purpose.

About Us

The purpose of Mothers Truly Matter is to share advice, insights, and resources to support mothers and children during this all-important lifelong journey.

Each post on this platform has been written to provide the most concise possible value while taking no more than five minutes to read. We hope you enjoy!

Our Inspiration

Originally written for our brother platform Fathers Truly Matter, we quickly realized the critical need to share impactful parenting resources with everyone – ESPECIALLY mothers!

With the help of my own mother, we repurposed the advice, insights, and resources for fathers to consider the hopes and dreams of loving mothers for their children, many of whom are raising their family without a respectable father figure in their lives.

Excellent Books

We’ve organized award winning books by both age-appropriateness and by subject matter to share excellent literature choices for mothers and children.

Whether borrowing from the local public library or purchasing for a home library, some of the best books ever written are catalogued within this platform.


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