Our Purpose

Our Problems

So many dedicated single parents, already shouldering the responsibilities of parenting alone, face the daunting task of compensating for the void left by an absent mother or father. Inadequate parental guidance can cast a shadow that lasts a lifetime. Regrettably, the complex nature of family dynamics prevents us from magically providing all children with consistent access to both parents. This profound issue provokes a thoughtfully considered approach to address far-reaching consequences and mitigate the long-lasting impact on the affected individuals and society.

While legislation grants preference to neither parent in family court cases, subjective judicial interpretation of the law often minimizes the importance of paternal involvement, causing developmental harm to innocent children.

Our Visions

In the spirit of compassion and understanding, our vision is to share this platform as a supportive tool to help families confront and overcome the complexities of parenthood. We intend that the insights and resources shared within these posts help parents and children live their best and most fulfilling lives. Recognizing the uniqueness of each father’s path, we envision communities where like-minded individuals can help each other on the parenting journey; places where the bonds of family are strengthened, the collective spirit of our human family is uplifted, and the children win.

As the developmental prospects of countless children are compromised by unscrupulous attorneys and omnipotent court officers, we envision a system that consistently places the best interests of children first and foremost.

Our Missions

At Fathers Truly Matter, our first calling is to encourage continuous learning and growth, celebrating the invaluable role fathers play in their children’s lives. We are passionate about enriching the fatherhood experience. One of our greatest aspirations is to foster the development of strong, nurturing, and enduring family connections. We are dedicated to helping men shape generations of successful, well-rounded children who possess the skills to create the lives they desire, children who are supported by the active involvement of fathers in their lives.

Our second calling is to establish the foundation of a movement for our society to embrace that children should and must have reasonable access to both mom and dad. Whatever it takes, children need both parents.

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