The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge

The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge by Hildegarde Swift, illustrated by Lynd Ward (2 – 7 years)

On the Manhattan bank of the Hudson River, a small lighthouse proudly protects boats with his faithful beam. One day a great expanse of gray steel, which also shines a bright light into the fog and darkness, is built over it. The little red lighthouse feels insignificant and useless in comparison but soon learns that… small can be mighty!

I Promise I'll Find You

I Promise I’ll Find You by Heather Patricia Ward, illustrated by Sheila McGraw (4 – 7 years)

The fear of being separated from loved ones is a universal emotion. I Promise I’ll Find You is like a comforting hug, a warm lap, a reassuring kiss, and the enveloping arms of a parent who pledges, no matter what happens: “I promise I’ll find you.” Together, parents and children will enjoy the gentle language and the calm, reassuring pictures of this thoughtful and important book.

The Lesson of Reliability

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